Kenneth Medlock, President/CEO

Our President and CEO, Kenneth Medlock, has been in the real estate business for over thirty years, sharing, motivating, and instilling his vision of integrity, customer satisfaction, and the educating of clients and potential clients alike. He was a franchise owner of Help-U-Sell Real Estate and later joined the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as a key member of the Senior Leadership Team for a multi-billion dollar real estate sales and management division of the FDIC. He also later became involved in asset management and organizational ethics.

As an independent Broker, Mr. Medlock decided to open Townview REALTORS®, and has continued to leverage his track record of integrity and master negotiations, and ethics background, to provide agents, buyers, sellers and holders of real property, the best possible real estate experience.

Mr. Medlock is dedicated to quality and providing outstanding service in the spirit of excellence. He believes that a company should be much more than just a place of business, but a place you can come to fellowship, and feel like you are at home, a place where you become family and not just another number.

Mr. Medlock is a natural lover of people and a master negotiator. As a Broker, he is always accessible to mentor and train. As a client, your business is always his priority!