Our Business: Transactional Excellence!
Our Purpose: Fostering Partnerships where Everybody Wins!

Keep All Your Commission

At Townview REALTORS®, you keep 100% of your commissions. You earned it!

Our Culture:

All brokerages and agents are not created equal. Townview understands that brokerages and agents are different. Here you’re free to blaze your own trails – realtor, entrepreneur – unleashing talent!

Thinking of getting into real estate, or possibly looking for a change to a new broker?

We welcome real estate agents who are interested in making it big in this industry; who understand the importance of their network and their net worth!

Why join us:

  • 100% Commission paid to you at closing
  • No Broker splits
  • Broker Support
  • HUD-approved broker
  • Modern Professional Office Space
  • No quota or office meetings
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Productive Family Environment

Please call our office at 214-948-9368

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